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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

A few years ago, I heard a eulogy for a woman who had died tragically way before her time. Her pastor talked at length about the strength of her faith and how she was a delivery person of God’s miracles. In fact, one thing she did sticks out in my mind to this day. She prepared homeless kits that she would keep in her car. Whenever she encountered people down on their luck, she would provide them with one of the kits she had put together to try to help them on their way. She knew that she could not solve the world’s problems, but she was available to do her part to be a blessing to others. When she died, they found several of these kits in her car. She was on mission until the end.

A Miracle at Hand

It is easy to know a lot about Jesus, but to not really know Him. There are countless books written on Christianity, many of which are very enriching and encouraging. However, book knowledge of Christ does not change your life. It is an interaction with the Living God, the creator of the universe that changes your life.

I can speak from experience of having head knowledge about faith, but no heart knowledge. My faith was flat, and I was going through the motions. I did not experience the fruits of the Spirit. I thought there had to be more. It was only once I encountered God miraculously at work that I truly began to really know Him.

Some may doubt God even exists or that He still works miracles. I admit that I believe that our Creator can and does work miracles today. The question then is how does He work those miracles? Often, we are the delivery vehicle for God’s miracles. If we act as God prompts us to, we can bless people with God’s life changing miracles.

Bruce Wilkinson, best-selling author of the Prayer of Jabez, makes a strong argument in his more recent book entitled You Were Born This that we should expect God to work miracles in our everyday life. His book is full of encouraging stories about modern day miracles. I am not talking about parting the Red Sea, but everyday miracles when people reach out and deliver help to others in pivotal points of need.

What is a Holy Nudge?

Have you ever had the feeling that there was something you were supposed to do, or something you were supposed to say to someone? Wilkinson calls this a “Holy Nudge.” God is prompting us. I don’t know about you, but far too many times I have justified not acting on that nudge.

To be involved in God’s everyday miracles, Wilkinson suggests that we first need to realize that God has called us to be on mission with Him in kingdom activity. We may be a parent, spouse, worker, neighbor, but first and foremost, we are adopted children of God called to be on mission with Him in this world. We also need to have a heart for God’s people. That means it is not just people we know or like, it is all of God’s people.

As miracle delivery workers, we are not acting in our own power. We are leaning on God and acting in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Finally, we have to take risks, and we have to get outside our comfort zone to act when we get that “Holy Nudge.” For example, Wilkinson shared that he keeps money in his wallet he calls his “God Pocket” that he has earmarked for miracle opportunities. He is ready. Like Wilkinson and his “God Pocket”, or the young woman and her homeless kits, we all have the ability to be God’s everyday miracle delivery workers. Whose life could be changed forever because we were prepared and willing to act courageously on God’s “Holy Nudges?”

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